Touchpoint Dashboard Sponsors Walker Cx Summit & Featured in Journey Mapping Workshop

Touchpoint Dashboard is pleased to report that we recently served as a strategic sponsor at the 2nd Annual Walker B-to-B Customer Experience Summit held at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz, April 29-May 1.

Walker Information is a renowned organization in the customer intelligence field, and has been for 70 years. We were honored to accept their invitation to play a role in this event, which attracts high-level customer experience professionals from market-leading companies around the world.

The three-day event featured powerful keynote addresses and engaging and educational workshops focused on the latest and best customer strategies for B-to-B companies. It delivered practical and tactical information to help companies go beyond customer listening to become more intelligent about their customers and drive business success.

Touchpoint Dashboard’s Executive Vice President Bryan Surface led a series of journey mapping best practice breakout sessions, and Walker provided a detailed journey mapping workshop using our Touchpoint Dashboard journey mapping platform.

“This year’s CX Summit proved to be an exceptional educational and networking opportunity for everyone involved,” Surface said. “It was exciting for us to have Walker use our mapping platform during their presentation. It clearly illustrated how Touchpoint Dashboard helps companies visualize and analyze customer data and bring the customer journey to life.”

The Ease of Doing Business

Another notable highlight of the Cx Summit was the release of Walker’s “Ease of Doing Business” study. Some of the key findings discussed were:

  • 80% of companies say B-to-B orgs are focused on improving ease of doing business, but only 57% say they’re effective at making it easier for customers to do business.
  • There’s evidence that customers make important purchase decisions based on how easy it is to work with companies, and companies can realize significant cost savings by aligning with customer needs.
  • 77% of buyers indicate that their consumer experiences influence their expectations as a B-to-B customer.

Use Journey Mapping to Design Easy Experiences

After you read the study highlights, did you find yourself wondering how easy it is for your customers to do business with you?

Walker’s study findings, in our opinion, build a solid case for why companies should using journey mapping as part of their overall customer experience strategy.

Customer journey mapping is one of the best tools for helping companies design “easy-to-do business-with-you” experiences.

Journey Mapping Resources

Learn more about how journey mapping can support experience design in our “Tackle Tough Problems with Design Thinking & Journey Mapping” blog post, and check out these other helpful journey mapping resources on our website:

If you’d like to explore how you can put the power of a Touchpoint Dashboard journey map to work for your company, contact us today, and start your free 15-day journey mapping trial.