Using Your Touchpoint Map as a Customer Experience & Brand Standards Training Tool

I was looking at a post I wrote a while back titled, “Finding Your Buried Treasure Points with a Touchpoint Map.”

The gist of the post focused on how to best go about identifying our “Treasurepoints” – the points in the customer journey where customers need or expect more.  These points represent our golden opportunity to impress and win (or keep) business (or disappoint and lose out.)

The post then touched on the importance of sharing the map findings with employees, focusing teams around the Treasurepoints and training employees to deliver the ideal experience.  And that’s a concept I now want to hone in on…

Using Your Map as an Employee Training Tool. 

Over the past few months, we’ve been approached by numerous companies that are searching for a way to not only map their customer experience but also to educate/train their department managers and employees.  They want to show employees how they specifically impact a customer’s experience (positively or negatively) and involve them in department-specific customer experience improvement initiatives.

What do you think?  Can/should touchpoint maps be used as a tool for employee and brand standards training?  If designed correctly, I think the answer is yes.  Here’s how a good map can and should help companies do just that:

Be More than a Map

When it comes to using a map for employee and brand standards training, you need a map that is rich in design and functionality – a map that is more than a pretty picture illustrating how your customers interact with your business.  You need a map that is data-rich and multi-dimensional – one that’s not limited by the confines of a piece or roll of paper.   You need a map that:

  • Is easy to design, update, and share.
  • Helps employees visualize and understand how customers interact with and feel about the businesses.
  • Allows employees to see the link between what they do and what the customer experiences.
  • Shows where departments fail to meet customer expectations and how those shortcomings affect the company’s bottom line.
  • Aligns touchpoints across all channels
  • Shows departments the exact activities and processes that need improvements.

Deliver a Variety of Views

In order for a department-specific training to be a success, the information you share has to be real and relevant to the specific employees in that department.

It’s important for employees at all levels of the company (from executives to your frontline staff) to understand the big picture view of the customer experience, and it’s even better if they can see how the touchpoints they control, or are responsible for, fit into that picture. This is critical not only for frontline staff but especially for back-office employees, who often believe they have no impact on the customer experience. Making that connection for them, to help them see that what they do behind the scenes has as much impact on the customer experience as what the frontline does, is key.

Employees in all departments must be able to zoom in and take a look at real, scenario-specific data and understand how their touchpoints and the services they provide are 1) supposed to work and 2) how they are REALLY working.  From there, the idea-sharing and collaboration begins, and that’s where the real learning and change takes place!

Unlike traditional customer experience maps, Touchpoint Dashboard enables companies to see the entire customer journey AND also breaks it down into manageable components specific to certain areas, departments, and people in the company.  We refer to this as providing Dashboard Views of information.  It’s a great way to help you identify and focus your teams on the things that matter – things like the “Treasurepoints” I referred to earlier.

Essentially, Touchpoint Dashboard can deliver the map views that are just right for you and your employees.  It makes customer experience data manageable and easy to share whenever, with whoever and however you want.

Knowledge is Power…

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power.  We’re working to change the way we all think about customer experience mapping and transform it into a practice that can empower people, teams, and organizations to make the decisions and changes they need in order to build great companies.

That’s the kind of power Touchpoint Dashboard can deliver.  Contact us today for more information on how our mapping software can help support your customer experience and brand/employee training initiatives.