Predictions, Predictions, Predictions

The SwamiIt’s that time of the year again. People are making resolutions and predictions for the New Year. Have you made yours?

We’ve seen a ton of them float across our desks, and we thought it would be handy to summarize some of them here, you know, for posterity.

And so we can easily look back a year from now to see how we all did.


Bruce Temkin gave us 13 predictions:

  1. Decline of surveys
  2. Rise of text analytics
  3. “Big data” predictive insights
  4. Anticipatory service
  5. Experience-infused product development
  6. Design-based process improvement
  7. Loyalty-focused contact centers
  8. Appreciation of employee assets
  9. Mobile, mobile, mobile
  10. Software as an Experience
  11. Resurgence of values
  12. Rethinking risk-experience trade-offs
  13. Continuing CX education

Forrester provided a teaser with just three of their predictions as a lead-in to selling their report and upcoming webinar on the same subject.

  1. Customer experience professionals will chase employee engagement.
  2. Emotional insights will take center stage.
  3. Marketers will mistake messaging for experience improvements.

And yet they also gave us their top CRM trends for 2013 at no charge, broken down by Strategy (1-3), Process (4-5), Technology (6-10), and People (11-12).

  1. Enterprises must navigate digital disruption.
  2. Companies will transform to become experience-driven organizations.
  3. Brands turn attention to CX design.
  4. Untamed processes will get more attention.
  5. Agile implementation approaches will scale to the enterprise level.
  6. Social customer engagement will move into the mainstream.
  7. Mobile applications will empower consumers and employees.
  8. Marketing tech will drive customer engagement innovation.
  9. Navigating the customer analytics ecosystem is crucial.
  10. Organizations will adopt flexible CRM management practices to capitalize on SaaS.
  11. Customer experience disciplines will cut costs and boost profits.
  12. VOC programs will drive action and demonstrate results.

Shep Hyken gave us five customer service trends for 2013.

  1. Social customer service will continue to grow in importance.
  2. Gamification will grow in popularity.
  3. Big Data will get bigger.
  4. Mobile is growing.
  5. Customers are smarter than ever.

For the most part, it seems like everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately, it seems like we still see some of the same predictions made in 2012 bleeding over into 2013. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; some of these things take time to engrain into your culture and into your customer experience design.

Which ones do you think you’ll be most successful at this year? Are there any missing?

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll write more about how customer journey maps, as the backbone of customer experience management, can facilitate accomplishing your 2013 CEM resolutions.