Map Your Customer’s Emotions to Create a Best-in-Class Experience

I recently read an insightful blog post by Colin Shaw, founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, that touched on the importance of understanding both the rational and emotional sides of a customer journey.  According to Beyond Philosophy’s research, more than 50% of a customer experience involved emotions.  But, the majority of customer journey mappers only look at the rational, logical, process-oriented aspects of the customer experience.

What does this mean to you?  It means that when your company is mapping and designing your ideal customer experience, you might be one of the many that is only addressing half of what really matters to your customers.  Why do you think this happens?

My thought is that the tendency to gloss over the emotional side of the customer experience happens partly because, without the right tools, it can be difficult to map, understand, measure and quantifiably connect this subjective information to metrics like sales and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

But, synching a customer’s emotional feedback with the rational data on a customer journey map is essential if we want to fully understand the complete customer journey and design an experience that drives value for both our companies and our customers.  Touchpoint Dashboard is specifically designed to help you do just that.

Touchpoint Dashboard can help you connect the dots between the emotional and rational elements of a customer journey. 

Our collaborative, web-based customer experience mapping platform enables you to enter customer thoughts and feelings about specific touchpoint experiences.  This data is then directly infused into key areas of the experience map.  This enables you to see what your customers are doing and feeling during their journey.  And, if pain points are uncovered during the mapping process, Touchpoint Dashboard allows you to drill down into these areas to see the supporting evidence, which is presented in the form of a customer’s direct testimony.  Click here to learn more.

Touchpoint Dashboard provides a powerful, complete and efficient new approach to customer experience mapping.  It will help you map and understand all the things that matter most to your customer and your business, and provides the evidence you need to get started on customer experience improvement initiatives.  Contact us today to learn more.