Why Touchpoint Dashboard? Because Customers Rule!

Ever since Touchpoint Dashboard was just a thought floating around in our heads, people have asked us why.  “Why do you want to invest your time and resources on something like this?”  “Why is this important?”  “Why can’t you just be normal and think about something like football instead of customer experience all the time!?”

Our answers vary, but they carry a common theme:  “Because Customers Rule!”  Simply put, we are passionate about customer experience, and we feel compelled to help companies that share our passion perform better for their customers.

But why?  Because, as customers ourselves, we know how awful it feels to have a bad experience and how good it feels to have a great one.  And, as business owners and leaders, we’ve seen the financial impacts associated with customer experience.

We’ve also seen the benefits of touch mapping, and believe in its ability to help good businesses become great.  But, we know that mapping can be hard (where to start, design, time, how to understand action items, etc.).  We knew there had to be a better way.  We couldn’t find one, so we developed one — Touchpoint Dashboard.  And that really is why!

We have a tool that will not only help your company map its customer touchpoints (it helps consultants do this for their clients too), but also help you:

  • Understand which interactions (touchpoints) matter most when it comes to delivering on your brand’s promise.
  • Understand which touchpoints drive loyalty and retention.
  • Better manage and measure your touchpoints and related business operations
  • Improve the overall customer experience you deliver so your company can dominate its market.