What can Touchpoint Dashboard Do for Me?

On the surface, a customer journey map in and of itself is just a map – a pretty picture illustrating how your customers interact with your business.  It’s what you put into the map and ultimately get out of it that can truly drive change for your organization.  And, that’s how Touchpoint Dashboard is different.  Unlike other software tools,we bring customer journey maps to life, and provide you with actionable insights so you can truly transform your business.

Here are 6 reasons why you should put the power of Touchpoint Dashboard to work for your business:

It’s a User-Friendly, Secure System:

  • No need to have background in value stream mapping and process flow design
  • No need to license or understand how to use diagramming software
  • Quickly and easily enter your touchpoints and related customer feedback
  • Start a map from scratch or use industry-specific templates.  Great for expert mappers and beginners!
  • Log-in anytime, anywhere to the secure, web-based system.  No need to worry about your Powerpoint, Excel or Visio files falling into the wrong hands!

Automate the Mapping Process & Save Time:

  • Eliminates tedious, manual map drawings and re-designs
  • Auto-generates a map for you based on the touchpoint and customer data you enter into the system
  • Provides real-time updates and design.  As you gather and enter new data into the system, the map automatically updates to reflect your changes.

Involve Others in the Map Design:

  • Provide key stakeholders in your organization the ability to log in and monitor the map as it’s being designed — they no longer need to wait days or weeks for you to show them a draft.
  • Allow others to play a role by providing them access to view, proof or even upload content.

Thoroughly Organize and Analyze Your Touchpoints: 

  • Have an organized way to inventory all of your touchpoints.
  • Merge your customer data with each touchpoint during the design phase, and eliminate the inefficiencies associated with separate data silos.  Then later, you can open the touchpoints and can see exactly where your customers experience pain, when it occurs, and who is most impacted.
  • Receive a detailed, holistic view of your customer journey and touchpoints across all channels and lines of business.
  • Clearly see how your touchpoints affect your bottom line so you can ultimately improve it.
  • Objectively audit and measure your touchpoints:  Touchpoint Dashboard tells a story about each touchpoint and assigns each one a score so you can gauge its effectiveness and value, as well as monitor operational consistency.

Gain Actionable Insights & a Solid Way to Manage & Measure Your Progress: 

  • Use Touchpoint Dashboard’s built-in intelligence to assess which touchpoints are costing you most in terms of loyalty, retention and profitability
  • Do a gap analysis
  • Understand where you should build infrastructure and capabilities
  • Spot and recognize best practices
  • Generate insightful reports that you can use to create a prioritized action plans
  • Chart your progress:  Because your map and related assessments update automatically when you add new information, you can easily measure and report on your progress

Easily Share Findings & Achieve Widespread Organizational Support:

  • Visually represent all of the data you collected in a streamlined way and concisely present your findings to executive management
  • Use the actionable insights you derive from your map to build a compelling case for change
  • Deliver “dashboard” views of data that are customized for different stakeholders at different levels in the organization (executives, managers, associates).
  • Easily report the information that’s most relevant to your audience — provide an exec a high-level report, then turn around and show managers the details they need to take action.

Interested in adding the power of Touchpoint Dashboard to your customer journey mapping initiative?  Contact us today!