So Happy Together…Synching Tools to Achieve Deeper Customer Understanding

Why don’t most companies bring their voice of the customer (VOC) activities and customer understanding tools together?

This is a question posed earlier this month by analyst Andrew McInnes in his blog on  It’s a great post, and we highly recommend that you check it out.

Our take on this tendency, and McInnes seem have a similar view, is that it partly is an “it’s always been done this way” sort of thing.  VoC always ended up in one area, and personas, journey maps, etc. were always in another.

But as we all know, the “it’s always been done this way” mentality can be the kiss of death for progress in any initiative.  Don’t get us wrong.  It’s not that companies are purposefully resisting a merger between their VOC activities and tools; they simply don’t have a solid resource that enables them to easily integrate the data.  It doesn’t exist… until now.

Bridging the gap between data silos (specifically the VOC input and customer journey map) to drive efficiency and deeper understanding of the customer experience is a primary reason we’re developing Touchpoint Dashboard.

Our collaborative platform enables customers to participate during a company’s mapping process.  Customers can directly enter their thoughts and feelings about their touchpoint experiences, and the data is directly infused into key areas of the map.  This enables a company to see what customers are feelings at any given point on the map.  It also saves time by eliminating the manual entry of data and the problem of trying to figure out the best way to capture and house the information.

But, it doesn’t stop there.  If pain points are uncovered during the mapping process, Touchpoint Dashboard allows a company to drill down into each area to see the supporting evidence, which is presented in the form of a customer’s direct testimony.

This is a powerful, efficient and new approach to customer journey mapping. In a nutshell, it provides a crystal clear view of areas in the customer journey that are costing companies most in terms of loyalty, retention and profitability.  It builds a strong case for customer experience improvement initiatives and puts you on the road to success.

Synching voice of the customer information with a customer journey map is just one of the many capabilities of Touchpoint Dashboard.  Check out our “How it Works” page to learn more.

You’ve heard our take.  Now we want to hear from you.  What problems are you experiencing during your customer journey map project as a result of separate data silos?  What would help make your mapping process more efficient and meaningful?