More than Just a Pretty Picture….Touchpoint Dashboard vs. Office Tools

“I’m not sure how/where to start.  What is the layout supposed to look like?  It’s too hard to update and takes too much time!  It lacks the details I need to form and justify action plans.” 

Customer experience professionals have shared these comments about their experiences using Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, and other tools to design their customer journey maps.  Can you relate?  We’d like to hear your thoughts, but first, please read on.

Please note that our intent here is not to bash third party office productivity tools (in fact we think we have have a complimentary solution).  Vision, PowerPoint, Excel and others certainly have their place for many value stream mapping and process flow initiatives.  However, we believe (and the feedback we hear from industry professionals) is that it’s not the best choice for customer journey map initiatives.

On the surface, a map in and of itself is just a map – a pretty picture illustrating how your customers interact with your business.  It’s what you put into the map and ultimately get out of it that can truly drive change for your organization.  And, that’s how Touchpoint Dashboard is different.  Unlike other software services, we’re more than just a map drawing tool.  We bring customer journey maps to life.  Here’s a “Map-ples to Map-ples” comparison.

We admit that we’re biased, but when you compare Touchpoint Dashboard and tools like Visio for customer journey map design and customer experience analysis, measurement and management, Touchpoint Dashboard outperforms every time.

What do you think? How are other third party tools helping or hindering your customer journey map projects and overall customer experience management initiatives?