Why Does My Company Need a Customer Experience Map?

It’s all about the customer.  If it weren’t for our customers our businesses wouldn’t even be here, right?  However, as we go through the daily grind, we can sometimes lose sight of the real reason behind what we’re doing – to provide quality products and services that satisfy our customers and keep them coming back for more.

But are you satisfying your customers?  Are you truly meeting their needs and expectations at every point of their customer journey?  Do all of your systems and processes improve a customer’s experience or are they designed to fulfill internal process requirements?  If you hesitated even slightly when you pondered these questions, then you could benefit from a Customer Experience map.

A Customer Experience map will bring a customer’s journey to life.  It will provide you with a complete picture of every encounter (touchpoint) your customers have with your business.  It will illustrate how a customer feels at each touchpoint and uncover areas where you can better meet customers’ needs and expectation so you can ultimately deliver a better overall customer experience and increase your profits.

The bottom line is that an experience map (journey map) will help your company refocus your processes, procedures, discussions and decisions so that they always focus on pleasing the right audience – your customer.  And as we all know, a happy customer makes for a happy and profitable business.


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