Why build Touchpoint Dashboard?

Customer Experience projects are on the rise.   Simply put, no tool exists in the marketplace today that allows for the creation of a Customer Experience (Journey) Map.   Sure, you could use PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and other “off the shelf” software, but those tools leave a lot to be desired.

They’re not “purpose built” for this use case, and they only create a picture of what the Touchpoints are.   Only thorough manual interpretation are you able to determine where pain points exits and how to prioritize those pain points as action items to be addressed.

After gathering feedback from the market, it became clear to us that there was a need for a tool that was “half visual mapping” and half “business intelligence”.

Not all end users have the budget to shell out high dollars to a consultant to build a map.  Consultants are also looking for tools that can help them gain a competitive advantage.

That’s why we built the tool.   Simply put, we’re trying to address what we perceive as a gap in the market.  You’ll have a wait a little longer to see what we come up with.


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