Utilizing Touchpoint Analysis in Marketing

Dave Evans, author or Social Media Marketing, An Hour a Day, defines touchpoint analysis as:

“The rigorous discipline of carefully evaluating each point of contact between a firm and its customers has been used in traditional marketing to catch the divergence between what you want to convey and what you are actually conveying.”

Because of the speed of the social media and the Internet, that divergence can be seen immediately, and by a wide number of people.  CreateBusinessGrowth.com has a summary of Evans’ main points, and a series of questions to ask to improve your customer experience and marketing.

Touchpoint analysis helps you understand how well customers think your product has delivered on what it/you promised. Paying attention to customers talking about your product on social media is the start of a more quantifiable approach to understanding whether or not you are meeting their expectations.

Quantifying customer feedback requires marketers to gather data by observing actual customer experiences. As much as possible, it’s important to understand how it feels to be an actual customer of your goods/services. Evans provides 21 questions to ask your self in order to do that. Here are a few of those questions:

  • What is the main promise your product/service makes?
  • What are your customers’ actual needs as they relate to your product/service?
  • How do you support your promises?
  • What channels convey your promise or brand?
  • Are your message reflected accurately in social media?
  • Are you meeting your own expectations?
  • Which of your touchpoints generate the most talk? Which generate the least?
  • What corrective actions are directly within your control?

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