Serivce Design or Journey Mapping?

“Service design” is the practice of designing the entire user experience of a product or service, including all interactions with that service, such as the website, help-desk and in-store experience for a retail company. Service design requires multiple inputs from an organization, including sales, marketing, product management and user experience. Delivering good service design usually starts with a a visualization of the steps in the service, or service blueprint.

And service blueprints have recently given way to the more customer-centric “customer journey maps” (CJMs). CJMs include the emotional views of the customer, including brand perception and points of pain within the process.

James Kalbach on the Experiencing Information blog gives an overview of CJMs, as well as a wealth of online resources for designing and implementing them.

CJMs often include:

  • Customer actions
  • Customer goals
  • Inflection points
  • Disconnects in service
  • Emotional responses
  • Business touchpoints
  • Opportunities for improvement

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