Improving Customer Experience with Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map is simply a diagram that illustrates touchpoints. It’s a way to visualize the ways a customer might engage with your company, including a product, online experiences, retail experiences or services. Adam Richardson, writing on Harvard Business Review, explains how to use customer journey maps to improve the customer experience.

Customer Journey Timeline:
Engage –> Buy –> Use –> Share –> Complete

Richardson employs the following framework at each stage in journey map:

  • Actions – What does the customer do in the stage and how do they move to the next stage of the journey map?
  • Motivations – Why is the customer here? Why would they continue along the journey map?
  • Questions – What uncertainties does the customer have that might impede them?
  • Barriers – What structures, costs or other barriers would prevent them from moving to the next stage of the process?

Knowing what happens at each stage, and answering the questions posed at each stage with informed research, will result in the most complete customer journey map.

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