How to Map the Customer’s Journey

A question was posed in the Q&A section of “How can a company go about mapping the customer’s journey?” In the answer section are several concrete steps to accomplish this.

 From David van Toor:

  • Divide the customer experience into meaningful parts
  • Emphasis on customer perspective
  • Define current customer experience, and desired customer experience
  • Input from customer facing front line employees on how to get to the desired experience
  • Validate with customer feedback

From Adele Berenstein:

  • Start with customer opinion
  • Keep questioning why you do things the way you do
  • Have every department submit a process flowchart
  • Fix what makes the customer unhappy

From Mike Wittenstein:

  • Design the customer experience to meet the most needs of the most constituents
  • Great design engages customers emotionally
  • Keep a brand framework in mind to connect customer experience with practical operational effectiveness

From Bart de Craene:

  • Build service blueprints from scratch with customer interviews
  • Customers will identify critical points that need improvement

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