Don’t Create Work for Your Customers

Melissa Kovacevic of CommPlan Consulting relates on her blog the story of a poor customer service experience. The poor experience arose out of a business process that was confusing, impersonal and required the customer to do more work than necessary. In the case mentioned, a customer’s insurance company’s process did not adequately inform her mortgage company of an early insurance payment, resulting in several phone calls by the customer.

  • The process was not efficient or effective and it certainly didn’t make the customer feel valuable.
  • Auto-generated letters from the insurance company cost them money. Perhaps they should only send out letters after the due date has passed.
  • The customer then had to recheck to make sure her payment cleared. She had to verify the payment with the insurance company. Once confirmed she was told she didn’t need to contact the mortgage company again. But that came after a lot of wasted time, and instills a sense of unease nonetheless.
  • Early payments should result in something that makes the customer feel valued. Instead, the opposite happened.
  • The customer learned she was not the first to complain about this broken process. Great customer service, which can be difficult to quantify in a metric, is not a priority when these things continue to happen.
  • Companies need to respond to feedback with something more than “that’s just how they/we do business.”

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