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Touchpoint dashboard offers a full suite of solutions for companies that want take advantage of the benefits offered through journey management. Our offering contains full spectrum between hi-tech and hi-touch. On one end we can provide with a high-tech journey management solution (ideal for DIY). On the other end we can create and manage your entire journey management initiative with our experts driving the results. In the middle we mix and match for the exact challenge you face. Any way you cut it we are here to guide you right to the promise of ROI using journey management.

Journey Management Platform


    Easy. Affordable. Effective.
  • Get the results you need from the world’s first, largest, and most comprehensive journey management platform.

Journey Management Academy


    Certified Education. Expert Instruction.
  • Onsite Education Events
  • Offsite Immersion Events
  • Journey Management Consulting
  • Journey Templates and Managed Builds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Journey Mapping:


  • A visual depiction of interactions and emotions seen through the eyes of a customer while attempting to accomplish an intention with any given brand.

Journey Management:

  • The discipline of understanding, planning, implementing, and optimizing a portfolio of journey maps to generate cost efficiencies and create loyalty through improvements that are most impactful to emotions.

Touchpoint Dashboard offers a variety of workshops and trainings to fit the needs of your organization. In fact, we created the Journey Management Academy to address these needs. From one day trainings with a small group to large scale Journey Management education and certification workshops. If your needs go beyond training we can offer up our expert consultants to help you deliver a specific project.
At Touchpoint Dashboard, we take security very seriously, after all you are trusting us with some of your organizations most critical data. We use highly secure servers and other tools to keep your data safe and secure. We also run data backups frequently so everything stays up to date. For more information on our data security please click here.