Map the Current & Future State of Each Customer Journey

Whether you’re new to journey mapping or an expert, Touchpoint Dashboard’s journey management platform gives you the power and control you need to design customer experiences that engage and convert.

Save time and increase operational efficiency with our flexible journey mapping interface. Integrate your existing Voice of Customer data and keep all your journey mapping data in one secure, centralized location.

Design & visualize the customer journey

  • Build maps from a blank canvas or use one of our pre-built templates.
  • Manually enter or import customer data.
  • Enter and view touchpoints across all channels and business units.
  • Attach notes, files (including audio and video), links and more to each touchpoint.
  • Configure the application to work with your existing data sources and save time on your journey management process.


Share & discuss the customer journey

  • Invite team members to view and collaborate cross-functionally on journey maps.
  • Track changes made to maps and stay up-to-date on input provided by¬†your team.
  • Prioritze touchpoints together with your team and gain organizational alignment.
  • Use the Presentation Mode for quick and easy storyboard presentations to stakeholders.
  • Share your map online with an unlimited number of users and also export to PDF.


Analyze & optimize the customer journey

  • Score touchpoints to determine their ROI, cost and impact on the customer.
  • View and identify pain points and key moments of truth.
  • Identify and prioritize touchpoints that need to be improved, eliminated or added.
  • Use filters and charts to evaluate your maps from different aspects.
  • Define and track key initiatives that are needed to improve the overall customer journey.