How it Works

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How it Works

Touchpoint Dashboard is a powerful, yet easy to use web-based journey mapping platform.  It can be an important part of a company’s customer experience strategy and support your continuous improvement initiatives.   It gives you the power to easily Map, Analyze & Present your customer experience.

Here’s How it Works.  In a Nutshell, Touchpoint Dashboard…

Touchpoint Dashboard Mapping Platform

Automates the Mapping Process & Saves You Time

Simply enter your touchpoint data in our web-based system. A map then builds for you. You can also import your data from a .csv file. When new data is available, enter into the system and the map updates automatically. No more manual re-draws!

Integrates Your Existing Voice of Customer Data, Supporting Documents, Video & Images

Simply import your data and keep everything organized in a streamlined, organized, secure system. No more flipping back and forth between your map and document!

Provides 3-D visualizations of all your company’s touchpoints across all channels and lines of business.

Gain a clear picture of the experience you offer to your customers.

Delivers actionable insights.

Identify and analyze the touchpoints that work best and the ones that are costing you most in loyalty, retention and profitability.

Enables collaboration with other stakeholders.

Get everyone on the same page with the customer at the center of it all. Share your map with others (no separate licenses required), or give select individuals access so they can review, contribute or add comments and content.

Supports decision making and ongoing continuous improvement activities.

Generate insightful reports and customized views of data. Use this information to create prioritized action plans. Integrate data and recommendations into your project management system.

Put the Power of Touchpoint Dashboard to Work for You!

Regardless of where you’re at in your mapping process, you can put the power of Touchpoint Dashboard to work for you.  Making your customer journey map initiative more efficient and successful is our goal.

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