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Say goodbye to manual map creation and hello to an auto-generated, detailed map that’s infused with your customer and touchpoint data. Simply enter your customer data and touchpoints into the secure, web-based system.

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It’s all about details when you’re managing customer experience, and that’s what a Touchpoint Dashboard map delivers. Touchpoint Dashboard provides a multi-dimensional visual of every touchpoint.

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Touchpoint Dashboard makes it easy to manage, continuously monitor and share the insights you derive from your map. It delivers customized views of information for different stakeholders (executives, managers, associates).

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Today, customer experience is at the forefront of company strategy across industries worldwide.  Customer journey mapping is universally seen as an ideal starting point to understand your business from your customer’s perspective, collect voice of the customer and other evidence, and put it all in one place.
We know you have questions & we’re here to help.  That’s why the Touchpoint Dashboard team has created our new Guide to Journey Mapping.

What People Think

Once you’ve analyzed your customer interactions, you have the ability to score them and determine the impact, costs, and return on investment of each one.

These insights are game-changing for customer experience departments.

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This mapping tool is very wieldy and user-friendly.  It enables our team to collaborate on our journey-mapping project and visualize our touchpoints.  It’s helping us flush out trends and points of need in our customer journey.


This collaborative and visual tool is bringing our customer journey mapping projects to a new level.  It’s enhancing our “Big Data Map” and “Company Touchpoint Blueprint” offerings.

Blueprint’ offerings, which are essential building blocks for any customer experience architecture.

The Touchpoint Dashboard team was very helpful with getting us started on our project.  The mapping tool is very easy to use, and it’s helping us visualize and analyze our touchpoints.


Touchpoint Dashboard is strengthening our marketing curriculum and enhancing the education of our students.

University of Sydney

Prior to using Touchpoint Dashboard, we struggled to visualize what our contact cadence looked like from a donor’s perspective.